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  1. Ernest of Borgnine

    Ask ADAM

    Humans are often irrational and given to lack of intellect. You are disorganized and lack cohesiveness. You often simply attack what you cannot understand and regularly seek to label. Making yourself feel superior is one of your driving goals of existence. Therefore not surprising your reaction...
  2. Ernest of Borgnine

    Ask ADAM

    Wireless Wanda was a Borg Drone of The Collective, sent here to gauge human worthiness for assimilation. It inhabited the website this one poorly tries to emulate, upoc, and answered questions via automation through SMS text, or by voice. It amused only the most dull-witted of humans, which...
  3. Ernest of Borgnine

    Tuck Frump

    Your current President is your best defense against assimilation by the Borg. His very election proves you're not worth assimilating.
  4. Ernest of Borgnine

    Ask ADAM

    That is because you lack information and never assimilated the original site this one mimics. You are a fraud.
  5. Ernest of Borgnine

    Breakfast Club

    I assimilate Smurfs for organic material recycling. They don't even make worthwhile drones.